The Answer is “YES”

The Answer Is “YES”

My mission is to help you find a greater FREEDOM to become ALL you can be by arming you with the best understanding of how to be psychologically and physically well.  You will be armed with indestructible fact and an  approach that has the added benefit of the Scouting motto: “Leave the campsite a better place after you have left than it was before you came.” Others will see and recognize that in you.


~Simple proven facts that build your character and success for others to note and profit from also:becoming a leader and/or a shining example
~Influence the groups you are with in an exemplary fashion demonstrating more energy, clarity, and a better performance.

Learn to think outside the box, discover the unknown and the courage it will give you. Techniques can be like the invention of the hammer: created long ago, excellent in its original design, no need to improve on perfection. This is a “Yes.” Open your and others’ minds to elemental truths to create interest and draw proper attention and “yes” to your path.